About the Journal

1) Aims and Scope:

International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science, is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal with a focus on engineering and related areas.

In the process of developing technologies, to provide a possible solution to the societal issues, the current need is not limited to the specific discipline of engineering, but also applying various aspects of other engineering and science disciplines to arrive at a solution. The journal offers authors a to share their research with the audience of engineers, scientists, professionals, and other interested people across the globe.

This International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science journal is a platform to publish research to anyone working in any area of engineering in academia, industry, or government, including engineers, scientists, consultants, policy-makers, government officials, economists, and corporate organizations.

For acceptance in International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science, a manuscript must be scientifically and technically sound, with appropriate methodology and presentation, and reaching conclusions adequately supported by the data.

With a broad scope, the journal provides a rigorously peer-reviewed and well-conducted scientific research. 

Topics include any area of engineering.

2) Peer Review Policy - Overview

The articles submitted by the authors are initially screened by Editor-in-Chief to check if the article comply with journals Aims & Scope and the quality of the article.

If these parameters are fulfilled, the editor invites atleast 2 suitably qualified peer-reviewers to judge the quality of the work and suitability for publication.

Peer-review on International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science is Single-blinded.

  • Single-blind: Editors and reviewers have access to the authors' names and institutions, however, the identities of the reviewers are not revealed to the authors.

After the reviews are received, the Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript.  If the paper has problems that can be corrected, the authors will be asked to revise the manuscript in response to the referees' and editor’s comments. Authors are expected to return a revised manuscript within 4 - 8 weeks and the paper may be sent to referees again to judge if their comments have been adequately addressed.  Once a manuscript is accepted, some minor additional editing may be required before publication.

The Journal strives to arrive at a decision promptly, but the most usual cause of delays is the availability of expert reviewers. If a lack of reviews is slowing down the process, the authors may be asked to suggest additional reviewers.

2) Open Access and Copyright

All articles published by International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download, and share. Emerging Engineering Topics articles are published under a Creative Commons license

Copyright on any research article in a journal published, International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science, is retained by the author(s). Authors grant Journal, a license to publish the article. Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its integrity is maintained and its original authors, citation details, and publisher are identified.

4) Abstracting and Indexing

As is the case with any new journal, indexing in all relevant databases takes some time.

International Journal of Modern Developments in Engineering Science has been applying for indexing in various services. We will keep readers updated about the different services the journal is indexed within.