Women Health in India a Crucial Area Which Requires Attention and Change in the Outlook of Society


  • Sumanta Bhattacharya Research Scholar and Policy Analyst, Department of Development Studies, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, Howrah, India
  • Bhavneet Kaur Sachdev Student, Department of Development Studies, Calcutta University, Howrah, India




Women health, sanitary napkins, birth, women, economy, domestic violence, sanitation


Today the world need to accept the fact that half of the population consist of women, who play an integral role in the growth of the society, from giving birth to nurturing the child, so women health should be paramount to living. Even in this age of growing economy and technology in India, only 36% of the women have access to a sanitary pad or go and visit a doctor to discuss their health issue, we live in 21st century, its high time we end our moral thoughts, orthodox mentality and social stigma which affects the women health, 60% of the women suffer from UTI once in their lifetime, Poor sanitation results in the death of 5 million women every year. Domestic violence , mental and physical torture , rape , demand for a male child , killing of new female child , constant  birth after birth for a male child  has tremendous effect on the health of a women . A women is a human being and not a machine, whose body is more critical than men and giving birth to a child is the most difficult job, every women on this earth has gone through some kind of health issue. It’s time that we overcome barriers and bring a society where we can opening discuss women health issue and cure them without hesitation and restrictions.




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S. Bhattacharya and B. Kaur Sachdev, “Women Health in India a Crucial Area Which Requires Attention and Change in the Outlook of Society”, IJRAMT, vol. 2, no. 11, pp. 113–116, Nov. 2021.




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