Importance of Garbhini Paricharya in Paediatric Nutrition


  • H. S. Priyanka M. D. III Year, Kaumarabhritya, Alvas Ayurvedic Medical College, Moodbidri, India


Garbha Poshana, Garbini Paricharya, Iugr, Mahabhaishajya


Nutrition is the most influential, non-Genetical factor in Fetal development. Pre-natal nutrition influences Fetal growth, Normal development, Physiological function and Gestational Weight Gain (GWG). GWG is a complex progression that supports Fetal Growth, Development, Maternal Physiology and Metabolism as well as Placental metabolism. Malnutrition caused by long term insufficient nutrient-intake and frequent Infections which leads to increased Mortality in post-neonatal age group. Compared to contemporary science, Ayurveda being scientifically significant about Diet and Regimen in Ante-natal period contributes in preventing IUGR. Garbhini paricharya not only includes Ahara dravyas for nourishment but also ensures health of fetus and pregnant mother as it contains Aushadi Dravyas too. “Ahara Mahabhaisajya”1Kashyapa says, by the administration of proper food and diet it is possible to cure disease even without the need of administration of medicines. Hence, Ahara mentioned as one of Trayo-upstambhas2, which has a greater importance in attaining good nutrition. In Garbhini paricharya Diet includes Ksheera, Sarpi and Madhura rasa ahara predominantly which changes monthly according to requirement of fetal growth and development. So, this presentation is an effort to explain importance of Garbhini Paricharya with respect Fetal-Peadiatric-Nutrition.


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