An Overview of Sri Lankan Economic Crisis 2022 and How it Affects India


  • Deepak Joseph MA Political Science, Kannur, India


Economic crisis, Economic stability


Srilanka was one among the South Asian nations which have better living conditions and economic stability compared to other South Asian nations. But now Srilanka is facing the worst ever economic crisis in the year 2022, with electricity blackouts and shortages of essential goods. Srilanka’s economic crisis is fast putting citizens in hardship . India, being the nearest neighbour has offered its support to help the island nation. The role of China in the affairs of Srilanka will be a trouble for India in future. India depends mainly on colombo port for the trade purposes, at present the economic crisis should be tackled carefully by India because it will affect the economy of India. India trade relations with Srilanka is very important for overall growth sector for India. Economic crisis will affect the relations between both Countries.


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