Evaluating Organizational Change Management


  • Alaa Hamieh Department of Business, Toulouse University, Toulouse, France


critical review, theories and approaches, change, management change, organizational change


It is arguable that the effective management of change is vital to the survival and success of any organization in the present day and age, given the intense level of competition that exists in the business world and the fact that it is always changing. However, the theories and methods of change management that are currently available to academics and practitioners are frequently contradictory. The majority of these theories and methods also lack empirical evidence, and they are supported by unchallenged hypotheses regarding the nature of modern organizational change management. Therefore, the objective of this article is to provide a critical analysis of some of the most prominent ideas and approaches to organizational change management. This will serve as an essential first step in the construction of a new framework for the management of change. In its final section, the article provides some suggestions for additional research.


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