Nurturing Self-Reliant Objective and Challenges


  • Riya Shrimal Department of Law, Banasthali Vidhypeeth, Sawai Madhopur, India


Self nurturing, Enhancement needed, Development globally


The basic thrust for any species around the world is to make their off-spring self-reliant. The same pattern is followed among countries as well. As we all know that India is a developing country and it is getting advanced in every field whether it is defense system, export-import phenomenon or maintaining country relations. But if we look at it, we can further make our country more developed considering different fields. The world is facing an unprecedented turmoil. Pandemics have come and gone over the centuries, but it has never made the people and resources around the world struggle collectively with crumbling economies and grim job. So, this is the high time to think how we can make our people and country more self-reliant so that we get enough strength to fight out from such pandemic situations in future. In this paper, we are discussing those scenarios and fields on which we need to be sounder to make our country self-reliable, through this paper, we tell how we can develop and transform our country more. And what are the challenges and possible solutions for the problems which are faced by individual people. The spark light of this paper, spotting the corner of nurturing self- reliant and its objectives and challenges.


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