Development of Software Using TMS320F28379D DSP


  • Pearl Joy M.Tech. Student, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, APJ Abdul Kalam Technical university, Kerala, India


CCS, Command frame, Error checking, Serial communication, TMS320F28379D


The project involves development of software for a TMS320F28339D digital signal processor (DSP) based system which controls and supervises a high temperature vacuum furnace. TMS320F28379D is a 32- bit floating point DSP. The software will be developed in C/C++ language. The system is working in the master slave mode. The communication between the master and slave is on RS-485 serial interface. The master initiates all the communication and waits for the response. Various interfaces of TMS320F28339D for which software will be developed are Serial interface (RS-232 and RS-485), Timers for generation of clock and programmed delays, on chip ADCs, Digital I/Os, Software interrupts and External interrupts handling Communication protocol. The combined software will be developed to provide functionalities to the system which are Generating programmable temperature profile reference for PID temperature controller, controlling of pumps and valves., Monitoring of temperature at various places inside vacuum chamber, monitoring of three phase supply voltage and currents, monitoring of voltage and current of heater, Digital Controls of parameters like ON, OFF, Hold etc., Safety interlocks.


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