Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Strategies used by the Gaming Industry on Indian Consumers


  • Ayush Vatal


digital marketing, gaming industry, video games


This to India has always been a potential market for gamers, and this long-standing theory was proved right with the massive success of PUBG mobile. In 2020, India’s gaming industry had a market value of Rs. 90 billion. The aim of this research is to analyze and understand the gauging effect of digital marketing strategies used by the gaming industry on Indian consumers. Digital marketing promotes products and services by effectively utilizing the internet and online based digital technologies. Digital Marketing plays a major role in the gaming industry. Companies spent $4.91 billion on digital advertising in 2016. This shows us how important digital advertising is to the gaming industry and the impact it’s had. For this research, we will be focusing on consumers who play games on a regular basis since they make up the target audience. For this a survey was conduct with the questionnaire prepared with reference to how the students feel about digital advertising of video games and what factors influence their decision. The survey was put up on the r/IndianGaming subreddit to ensure that the respondents belonged to the target audience.


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