Barriers of Parental Involvement: Basis for a Proposed Action Plan


  • Soliman E. Rejuso II Principal 1, Department of Education, School Division of Valenzuela City, Philippines


challenges, learning disabilities, parental involvement, parents, societal factors


Parental Involvement is very essential because it contributes to the success of children in academics and extracurricular aspects as parents are most influential factors in shaping and nurturing their children to become competitive individual. As the education is confronted with more challenges the cooperation of the parents to their children’s education and the school cannot be undermined. The vital role of the parents in their children’s education is a determining factor of their achievement. This study aimed to determine the barriers of parental involvement of the parents to make a plan that will address the issue on their involvement that would lead to increase turnout in parental involvement which the learners, teachers, and the school will benefit the most. To realize this, understanding of the parents will help the teachers and the school to be more flexible and be able to make adjustments based on the parents’ needs that will strengthen cooperation and collaboration for the success of all the activities and programs of the school wherein the paramount beneficiary are the learners through parental involvement.


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S. E. Rejuso II, “Barriers of Parental Involvement: Basis for a Proposed Action Plan”, IJRESM, vol. 4, no. 9, pp. 11–14, Sep. 2021.