The Implication of Halal Marketing to Human Life


  • Ainul Ilahan-Bakil Associate Professor IV, College of Business Administration and Accountancy, Mindanao State University-Sulu, MSU-Sulu Compound, Bangkal, Patikul Sulu, Philippines


Halal marketing, Implication to human life


The aim of this study is to determine the implication of halal marketing on human life. The result and analysis was based on the literature review and a focus on the Islamic source of knowledge. The study concluded that humanity should obey and follow Islam to enhance the guidance of Allah (SW) and remain steadfast to do halal and abstain from haram. The success of humanity is within the mercy of Allah and His forgiveness. The destiny of Humanity is under the control of the Almighty Allah (SW) so Islamic or Halal marketing is the way of life where a man can attain felicity and harness the light of guidance, mercy and salvation. The implication of halal marketing in the life of human is committing haram is harmful to his life and consuming halal is the way to gain blessings, mercy and love of Allah (SW).


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