Supervisory Competence and Leadership Style of Secondary School Principal in Jolo, Sulu


  • Hadja Rohina Sadjail Adju Director for Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, Mindanao State University-Sulu, Philippines


quantitative description, statistical tools, the research design, the research instrument, the scoring procedure, the sampling procedure


The study attempted to find out the perception of teachers on the supervising competencies of the Secondary Principal in Jolo. To determine the level of perception of teachers on their principal's competence, the researcher used a descriptive survey method through questionnaire. 173 stratified randomly sampled teachers of the (8) secondary schools in Jolo were given questionnaire to rate their respective principals. Their answers were analyzed using weighted arithmetic mean, frequency and percentage distributions, rank order and Chi- square formula to determine the significant differences. The perception of teachers on the level of supervisory competencies of the secondary school principals rated very satisfactory in terms of professional and instructional competencies as well as in measurement and evaluation skills. The supervisory leadership style of the principal or serviced by the teachers is democratic and only one principal of private school rated autocratic. There is no significant difference on the perception of teachers on the supervisory competencies and supervisory leadership styles of the eight secondary school principals in Jolo, as evaluated by their teachers. Also, the ratings between male and female principals of secondary schools in Jolo, have no significant differences in their supervisory leadership styles except in measurement and evaluation skills between male and female ratings of principals revealed a little significant difference. The rest showed no significant difference, therefore all assumptions are proven positively. Generally, it was also found, on the basis of the findings, there is still a need for the improvement of the supervisor competencies on the principals in Jolo and their supervisory leadership style should be attuned to democratic principles through harmonious human relationships to improve the classroom instruction, high performance of teachers and improve teaching and learning situations to produce better quality basic education, to the people of Sulu.


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