Jolo Tausug Business Enterprises: An Economic Perspective


  • Jurhaida Hamid Javier Dean, CBACS, Mindanao State University-Sulu, Jolo, Sulu, Philippines


Bahasa sug, Business enterprises, Daira or City, Palarian or Market, Tausug, Tianggi or market


The study aimed to determine the business enterprises run by the Tausug in Jolo Municipality. Specifically, this focused on the following; 1) Type of business organizational of the respondents. 2) Kind of business the respondents engage in. 3) Differences of Tausug business enterprises according to their location. 4) Income of the respondents’ customers. 5) Problems encountered by the respondents. 6) Contribution of the respondents to the socio-economic development of the people in Jolo. The descriptive research method, particularly the normative survey method, was used by using the standardized instrument. This type of investigation focuses on the prevailing conditions on how the Tausug do business. The correlation form of descriptive research was used to determine the relationship between the Tausug investor respondents, business profile and their approaches and quality of service as well as product they offer. The analysis was added by appropriate statistics like standard deviation, percentage and chi-square for significant difference at 0.05 confident levels of significant difference respectively.


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J. H. Javier, “Jolo Tausug Business Enterprises: An Economic Perspective”, IJRESM, vol. 4, no. 10, pp. 90–96, Oct. 2021.