A Facial Recognition System in MATLAB Using Convolutional Neural Networks


  • Surendhiran Tamilalagan B.Tech. Student, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SASTRA Deemed to be University, India


CNN, GoogleNet, SGDA


Facial expression recognition systems have attracted a whole lot of research interest inside the discipline of artificial intelligence. Many established facial expression reputation (FER) structures follow standard devices gaining knowledge of to extract photograph features, and those strategies generalize poorly to formerly unseen statistics. This mission builds upon the latest research to categorize pictures of human faces into discrete emotions categorizing the usage of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). In this way of facial recognition, a Convolutional Neural networks (CNN) based face popularity approach is executed. This GoogleNet based CNN consists of convolution layers, Rectified-Linear Unit (Re-Lu) layers, pooling layers and fully-connected layers. SGDA is useful for teaching the function classifier & extractor that could derive the feature capabilities and section those routinely. The over-fitting problem is resolved by using the Dropout method. Caffe, which is used for aspect derivation, is used throughout the practicing and the experimenting process.


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S. Tamilalagan, “A Facial Recognition System in MATLAB Using Convolutional Neural Networks”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 22–25, Apr. 2022.