Importance of Life Skill Education


  • Ruchi Sharma Student, Department of Education, Bekunthi Devi Kanya Mahavidhyalaya, Agra, India


life skill, life skill education, adolescence


When child grow and reach at the stage of adolescence. In this period the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and all the capabilities are very high. But Most of people don’t know how to utilize their potential to maximum. This is because of many reasons they face many issues such as global warming, feminine, suicide alcoholism, poverty, smoking, antisocial acts etc. That have a bad effect on them to a large extent. The very high competition, lack of job security, unemployment etc. That are major concern for educated in result they caught in the unstable race. These new challenges require immediate effective response from education system. Education is important but live life better with educational support is more important it has been felt that life skills education fill the basic functioning and capabilities gap it strengthen the ability of an individual to meet demands of present society and help in dealing with the above issues. The present article focuses on the importance of life skill education and implementation of life skill education in our Curriculum for developing social emotional cognitive thinking skills in students. As they are the foundation of our society who can cope up with future challenges and survive well.


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