Classroom Management in MSU-Sulu Laboratory High School


  • Arnina Jannaral Nawali Assistant Professor IV, Mindanao State University Sulu Laboratory High school, Jolo Sulu, Philippines


classroom management, peer mediation


This study is aimed to investigate the classroom management in MSU-Sulu Laboratory High School. Descriptive survey method was used in the analysis and interpretation of the collected data. 40 teachers were selected using purposive random samplings design to answer the checklist questionnaire. The teachers in the classroom have different styles of classroom management strategies. The attendance checking, control behavior discipline and classroom arrangement are the most apprehensive quality in MSU-Sulu Laboratory High School. Leaving teachers on their own way own way classroom management have been noted and strongly patronize in the right track of academic preparation for the students. As a matter of fact, seldom problems encountered in classroom management. The teachers in MSU-Sulu laboratory high school have observed as most dominant factor to develop well-managed classroom is through giving special attention to the settings of the rules to student activities inside the classroom. The teachers perceived that the school managers should deal with the classroom management through close supervision of the classroom management that should undertake various tasks for satisfactory classroom management. The teachers are willing to provide environment which is conducive for teaching and learning activities.


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