DevOps KPI Challenges – Continuous Monitoring Safeguards


  • Rakhi Parashar Technology Architect Delivery Team Lead, Learning and Management Delivery, Accenture, Mumbai, India


Continuous Monitoring (ConMon), Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD), DevOps, SDLC


Along with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring is a key DevOps strategy. Continuous Monitoring (CM) is also an important part of the Agile and DevOps processes. We live in a digital world where speed always wins. To keep up with client demand and expectations while remaining competitive in the market, each Endeavor must move faster and more flexibly in application development, testing, QA, and monitoring. As a result, monitoring the tasks completed by their DevOps/Infrastructure teams is required, as is reducing manual processes and automating the majority of them. This new manner of working has the potential to improve Operative's productivity while also bringing new profits and client satisfaction. DevOps is used to respond faster and more effectively to continuously changing consumer needs. The continuous delivery and continuous deployment model is used by DevOps. Continuous Monitoring is an important (and sometimes overlooked) part of our DevOps lifecycle, as it keeps an eye on our Continuous Delivery and Deployment systems in any organization. The importance of continuous monitoring, DevOps KPIs, and tools for the same are discussed in this paper.


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