A Review on Stored Grain Pests


  • Masanam Lakshmi Sahithi Sri Student, SSJP'S College of Agriculture, Ongole, India


stored grain pests, rice weevil, khapra beetle, rice moth, pulse beetle


Insect pests of stored grain. Insect pests causes severe damage to stored grain foods by directly consuming the embryos of the food grain. During offseason, when fresh produce is unavailable people need to eat stored grains. Food stored in sacks and canisters are particularly vulnerable to pervasion with a few bugs which can cause broad post-collect misfortunes, decay, and less interest in business sectors, causing a colossal monetary emergency. Thus, effective administration of stored grain pests becomes important to forestall these from insect pests. Current methodologies for their administration are one of the promising objectives, as it incorporates preventive works on, checking, disinfection, and distinguishing proof of fundamental microbes. By this insect pests both quantitative and qualitative losses occur. There are almost thousands of species of stored grain pests are there in the world mainly with the two orders coleoptera and Lepidoptera. This review tries to provide the necessary information about the damage caused by stored grain pests.


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M. L. S. Sri, “A Review on Stored Grain Pests”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 7, pp. 50–51, Jul. 2022.