Project ASAP: Automated School Form 2 and 4 for its Easy Accomplishment Per Month in the New Normal


  • Leah De Torres Sor Teacher III, Department of Education, Sariaya Quezon, Philippines


automated school form


PURPOSE: This study sought to accomplish the SF2 and SF4 easier and to submit both school forms on time with accurate data. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH. This study used the descriptive-qualitative and quantitative type of research in testing the efficiency and the accuracy of the automated tool designed for all grade levels in junior high school learners of Castañas National High. On the other hand, validated survey questionnaires were used in measuring the effectiveness of the automated tool. To determine the level of efficiency and accuracy of the developed automated tool, weighted arithmetic mean was utilized. FINDINGS: In term of demographic profile, majority of the respondents are female and considered as millennials. Moreover, most of them are new in the profession and being adviser is new experience for them. In the new normal, advisers encountered problems in accomplishment school form. The problems they had encountered were the right formula needed in the summary table, encoding of daily attendance, accuracy of the data encoded, total number of school days and the implementation of Alternative Work Schedule or AWA. Accomplishment of school form 2 is important in monitoring the learner’s status in learning especially in the new normal. This importance includes monitoring of daily attendance in the distribution and retrieval of modules, monitoring of enrolment which includes transferred-out and transferred-in, monitoring of the number of drop-out and monitoring the status or output of the LARDO’s (leaners at risk of dropping out). Automated School Form 2 has a lot of advantages compared to the accomplishment of the traditional/old form. These advantages are; the data generated needed in SF4 is accurate and valid, there is efficiency of the formula because the sheets/range are protected, there is standardization of encoded and generated data, the general data needed in accomplishment of SF2 are presented and the automated tool provides convenience to use. RESEARCH LIMITATIONS/IMPLICATIONS: The study is limited to junior high school advisers only for the school-year 2021-2022. The output is based only on the accomplishment of SF2 for the month of September 2021 to February 2022. ORIGINALITY/VALUE: The researcher proposed for the use of automated tool for school form 2 to address the problem of monitoring the enrolment and status of learners. Since the researcher is in-charge for the accomplishment of school form 4, it will not be accomplished without the school form 2 submitted by the adviser. Through this automated tool, it is not only the accomplishment of school form 4 that has been addressed but also the late submission of school form 2 and most importantly, the monitoring of the status of learner and enrolment.


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