Design and Verification of a Bit Movement Engine


  • Krishnakanth Katteri Mahadeva Murthy Department of Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose, USA


SoC, AMBA, AHB, UVM, Bit movement engine, IP (Intellectual property), GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit)


An SoC (System on Chip) comprises many functional units. These functional units consist of many lower-level components such as comparators, shifters, adders, etc. In this paper, we talk about one of these functional units called bit movement engine. A bit movement engine moves chunks of data from one memory location to another. Bit movement engine is designed to move bits starting from any location in the memory block and it can move a variable number of bits. At the core of the bit movement engine is a funnel shifter. Bit movement engine communicates to memory through an AHB (AMBA High-Performance Bus) fabric. Any functional unit developed requires a thorough verification to certify that the functional unit behaves as expected. The functionality of the bit movement engine is modeled in the test bench and the behavior of the bit movement engine is checked. The bit movement engine is verified using UVM (Universal Verification Methodology).


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