Reading Attitude of Grade III - Sampaguita Pupils at Cuenca Central School: An Action Research


  • Marilou P. Magpantay Master Teacher I, DepEd, Batangas Province, Philippines


Performance, Reading interest, Students’ reading attitude


This study was aimed at finding out whether or not there was a significant correlation between students’ reading attitude and their reading performance and interest. The researcher used data gathering namely survey method and an informal interview, checklist questionnaire. Based from the results obtained through the analysis of the data gathered, the researcher find out that the pupils level of interest in reading is low and they have negative attitude towards reading. The learners perceived reasons for their reading interest were the colorful materials used, teacher’s motivation, using TV monitors, reading with their peers, guidance of their parents in reading, they like to learn more on reading, silence inside the classroom and at home and their love for reading. Moreover, playing gadgets, watching television pupils cannot read and comprehend, the noise inside the classroom and at home, parent’s motivation and home chores are the factors that hinders pupils from reading.


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M. P. . Magpantay, “Reading Attitude of Grade III - Sampaguita Pupils at Cuenca Central School: An Action Research”, IJRESM, vol. 3, no. 7, pp. 174–176, Jul. 2020.