Authenticated Group Key Agreement Protocol for MANET Based on Cryptographic Techniques


  • S. Noorjahan Asikka PG Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University College, BIT Campus, Thiruchirappali, India


MANET, Security, SET, SGKP, Cluster head selection and Throughput


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) have been utilized in numerous application regions, for example, sensors, document sharing and vehicle-to-vehicle correspondences. Secured information correspondence is a basic issue for MANET. Bunching is a viable and down to earth approach to upgrade the security execution of MANETs. There are various issues identified with the utilization of bunch based gathering key understanding conventions in MANET, for example, adjustment in group based interchanges, safely choosing the group head for between bunch correspondences, giving secure gathering key update instrument for dynamic gatherings and diminishing expenses of interchanges and calculations. In this postulation, we propose a secure - effective transmission (SET) for cluster – based gathering key protocol (SGKP) that is versatile in MANET systems. We portray a novel secure bunch head determination component in the proposed convention. The convention gives security to dynamic gathering activities notwithstanding the fundamental security properties. The proposed convention additionally gives better execution as far as lessening the correspondences and computational expenses. The outcomes show that the proposed conventions have preferred execution over the current secure conventions for SGKPs, regarding throughput and vitality utilization.


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S. . Noorjahan Asikka, “Authenticated Group Key Agreement Protocol for MANET Based on Cryptographic Techniques”, IJRESM, vol. 3, no. 7, pp. 13–19, Jul. 2020.