Crime Against Ageing Person


  • Ayyub Ahmed Student, Department of LL.M, Galgotia University, Noida, India


Crime, Safety, Security, Loneliness


The ratio of ageing person population is increasing in all over the world. Due to better health system. Due to this the world community institution faces many problems related their safety and security. So many government of the world and many institution has been work for ageing person safety & security and human right also, large number of ageing person. living alone and without their near and dear relatives this is the main reason crime against ageing person due to loneliness, ageing person soft targeted of criminals. In many metro city of India and the world the rate of crime against ageing person is so high due to their loneliness. The globalization and urbanization is the main reason of breaking of collative family concept, and it increased the concept of single family, due to this the loneliness of ageing person increased, Present main stream media and News-paper full of crimes again ageing person. government policy should be how to stop crime against ageing person and how to protect them from crime. Which is spread very quick all around the world. It is duty of the government and the society to protect the elderly from crime, and give them phycological physical, social and economic assurance and avoid the circumstances of crime.


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