IoT based Smart Health Monitoring Band for COVID-19 Patients


  • Neha Arya Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore, India


IoT, vital parameters, sensor, Arduino microcontroller, transmitter, receiver, android, smartphone, COVID-19


This paper presents the Health Band based monitoring system for COVID-19 and other serious patients after their recovery helps them to monitor their health parameters when they are alone so that they can get fast aid. The real time health parameters are being recorded and send to the guardians and doctors by using android app. In these technique patient’s important medical signs like fever, oxygen level, exercise and fall are included. In this technique a module setup is designed which contains following units and have transmitter, receiver and microcontroller, so transmitter can transmit the live parameter of the patients includes fever, blood pressure and oxygen level. It can be done by using heart beat sensor was used for sensing heart rate sensors as well as body temperature data transmitted and received by a receiver controlled by microcontroller using IOT. The data can be used to examine and save the physical output data. It is a smart phone synced cell phone health monitoring band. This helps patients under risk to save their life. When the band observes dangerous vital signals then smart phone synced itself to their family members and doctors.


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N. Arya, “IoT based Smart Health Monitoring Band for COVID-19 Patients”, IJRESM, vol. 4, no. 7, pp. 50–53, Jul. 2021.